In his most recent attempt to promote his wares, pop-sensation Justin Bieber has released a new short-film for his ‘The Key’ fragrance. In the video viewers will watch Bieber with several woman, helping them fall asleep with the power of his scent. The three and a half minute film was directed by Peter Glanz. Shots of Bieber with the women include museum trips, rooftop dancing, playing the piano with Bieber and softly eating dessert with the star.
The fragrance in question, The Key, is Bieber’s third fragrance tied to his namer in the last three years. Bieber released Someday in 2011 and Girlfriend in 2012, the latest holiday choice is sure to make a few extra million for the star. His 2011 choice, Someday, broke $3 million in less than a month at Macy’s. The proceeds from perfume sales helped Pencils of Promise, a charity organization that helps build schools all over the world.
So don’t judge the star too harshly, any money that goes to charity deserves praise. You are free of course to judge the short-film itself though.