Taylor-Swift-AMA-AwardsThis week we had two major events that upset the Nielsen Twitter rankings and weekly Television results, the 2013 American Music Awards and the death of a character on Family Guy. It’s hard to beat out award shows in the Twittersphere. With red-carpets, performances and every gossip-column on the market Tweeting every moment, the event is sure to win. This week the AMAs blew past all other TV spots in the rankings, pulling in 303,915 unique impressions, and a unique audience of 10,231.9.
That easily outstripped the third-place show ‘Family Guy’, which saw the top 5 ranking for the first time since the Nielsen results were formulated from Twitter. This was thanks to the network killing off a major character in the Griffin family. The show only had 2,843.5 unique impressions for the week’s chart, with a unique audience of 953.8.
Back on the list is AMC’s hit zombie-survival drama ‘The Walkking Dead’, which took second place in the rankings with 9,251.9 unique impressions and a unique audience of 3,207.5. Twitter continues to be a volatile marketplace for shows, and the chart jumping around from week-to-week. There are a few constants that stand out however, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Voice’ seem to do continuously well with the social-media platform, though the latter didn’t make it to the list this week. You can see the full results from this week on the official results page below.
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