Earlier today Deep Silver and Volition confirmed a new DLC pack that will add a lot of Christmas-themed content to your game. The new DLC package, called “How the Saints Save Christmas”, will include three new quests, some new costumes,a Red Rider BB gun and other Holiday iconic moments from Hollywood.
If you have the Saints Row IV’s season pass then all of this content will be free. It will be available to download on December 11 next mont. In the game, Santa is stuck in the simulator, you will have to help get the boss of the Third Street Saints into the Christmas Spirit in order to rescue Santa from his trap. The content adds Quests: 3 new story driven quests, Weapon – Costume: Red Rider BB Gun, Weapon – Costume:, Christmas Dubstep Gun, Weapon – Costume: North Pole, Vehicle: Flying Reindeer, Vehicle: Santa’s Sleigh.
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