It was confirmed earlier today that Lady Gaga herself will be the new face of Versace. As one of the moat famous fashion brands in the world, the pop-star will take the honor of marketing the advertisement for the 2014 Spring/Summer campaign.
Following her “ARTPOP” album, the singer takes a toned-down approach in the ads, appearing in a lavender, cutout gown with silver details. One can’t help but to draw parallels to Donatella Versace after seeing Gaga in the gown, parted blonde hair and soft make-up. Gaga has appeared in Versace in the past, her “Edge of Glory” video a prime example. There is even a song named “Donatella,” in her latest album, a tribute no doubt to the fashion icon. In the song you can hear, “What do you wanna wear this spring? What do you think is the new thing? What do you wanna wear this season?”
Now we know what Gaga will be wearing, Versace, and lots of it. The ads will start popping up everywhere after the holiday rush and will appear in almost every fashion magazine and metropolis that has a billboard to support them