There was a new trailer for the third-season of ‘Sherlock’ that aired earlier this evening during the BBC premiere of ‘Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor’. Leading the social media craze was the #SherlockIsAlive! hashtag, along with #SherlockIsNotDead and #SherlockLives. Let’s just say his return was very popular on social media.
The series should also see a noticeable bump as the charming Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, The World’s End, The Office) comes back as Sherlocks’s sidekick after his second Hobbit film takes the theaters. The first trailer for the third season was more about the remote characters learning of Shelock’s death (his fake death mind you), now we get to Watson’s initial reaction. The season is set to be one of the best out, with Sherlock taking on new crimes and battling old foes once again.