Doctor-Who-50th-insertAfter months and months of waiting, The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special ‘The Day of the Doctor’ is finally here. As we reported last month, there will be a simulcast of the event broadcasted in more than 75 countries around the globe. For those of us in North America on the east-coast, that means the special will begin at 2:50PM ET. Starring in the series will be the latest Doctor, Matt Smith, and former Doctor, David Tennant.
Of course you can’t forget about the companions, there will be Jenna Coleman, the always lovely Billie Piper, and the future Doctor, John Hurt. To watch the event Americans will have to tune in to BBC America, if you are in the UK then it will be BBC One of course.
Some fans got tickets to see the event in select movie theaters scattered across the globe, if you didn’t get tickets then you can watch it on television with your other Whovian friends. in eight different countries as well. The return of Tennant and Piper has had fans of Doctor Who excited since word first leaked about the possibility earlier this year. While it’s been reported that the special will not feature Christopher Eccleston, the actor that kicked off the new Doctor Who in 2005, it should nonetheless be considered a seminal moment in the history of the series — made all the more poignant given that Peter Capaldi will be taking over for Matt Smith for the season ahead.
11:50AM – Pacific, 12:50PM – Mountain, 01:50PM – Central, 02:50PM – Eastern, 07:50PM – London, 08:50PM – Paris.
You can also checkout the event on iTunes featuring the 50th anniversary episode, this special collection is the definitive celebration of five decades of adventures through space and time with the Doctor and his companions. First broadcast in 1963, Doctor Who is the world’s longest-running sci-fi show and is watched by an estimated 80 million viewers in 206 countries across the globe. Discover the rich history of the Time Lord in Doctor Who Revisited, enjoy the best of Murray Gold’s musical score in Doctor Who at the Proms and see how the show began in the drama An Adventure in Space and Time, written by Mark Gatiss. Finally, Matt Smith and David Tennant co-star in the spectacular feature-length anniversary episode – The Day of the Doctor.
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