Vampire Academy trailer released, Vampires are back in High-School

For whatever reason, our culture loves the idea of teen-aged or young-adult vampires. The latest trailer for “Vampire Academy” was released today, the movie is an adaptation from the Richelle Mead’s young adult series of the same name.
This isn’t the first trailer for the film, though this one is a bit more character based. The first had a few extra jump-kicks and Vampires throwing things around. The video features Rose Hathaway (played by Zoey Deutch) and her friend Lissa Dragomir (played by Lucy Fry). Not everyone is full-on vampire, which you know if you read the series, Rose is only half vampire. To help protect her is her full vampire friend Lissa.

It’s a battle between two-distinct types of vampires, some mortal the others immortal. There is the good-side and the bad-side (or evil we should say) and all of this happened while you also have to deal with prom and final-exams. Fans still have a few more weeks to wait for the film adaptation, the “Vampire Diaries” is due out in theaters February 14, as the perfect date movies for vampire fans.