When you make a few million consoles, some of them are going to have issues. Just as a small percentage of PS4s suffered from a few launch-day hiccups, the Xbox One from Microsoft is having a small problem of its own. Customers are uploading videos of their new Xbox One consoles onto YouTube, where a common factor seems to be tying all of the troubles together; a horrible sound from the disc-tray.
Several of the videos have popped up online, all with the same sound and issue as the video above. In the video you can see that the Xbox One disc drive is having some serious issues reading the disc. When loaded, the disc seems to be skipping inside the console, this causes the console to give an error display while attempting to read the disc. This is making the game unplayable at the moment. The video above is from user Gabriel Ortiz, who put together a few of the videos to show the world.
Microsoft hasn’t issued a statement yet on the matter, though as of now, it seems that the problem only effects a small percentage of the consoles sold.