Though there may be a few more legal battles before it gets to court, Amanda Bynes’ DUI trial is set to move forward after a judge deemed Bynes mentally capable of understanding the charges set against her. The phrase, “Defendant found mentally competent,” read the minutes of a Los Angeles Superior Court mental health department hearing Wednesday. “Criminal proceedings are reinstated.” Bynes’ attorney did not contest the findings the psychiatric report, the one that deemed Bynes will have to go to trial.
This is from the April 2012 DUI arrest, one of Bynes very first brushes with the law. After this arrest she was charged with a hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license. It was the small fire that Bynes set in a driveway that finally put Bynes in a 72-hour mental hold where she was given treatment. That was later extended to a 30-day psychiatric hold.
Lynn Bynes, Amanda’s mother, was given total legal control and financial control over Bynes. The former star is still receiving treatment in a private facility while she awaits trial.