Hunger-Games-Official-PosterThere’s a lot of running in The Hunger Games, also a lot of tree-climbing and killing off other teens, but there is running. The new Hunger Games iOS and Android title released today, just before the official premiere date of the highly antiquated sequel hits theaters ‘The Hunger Games Catching Fire;.
The name of the title is ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run’ and it was developed from Reliance Games. Players will get a chance to sprint through the world of Panem, all the while avoiding the many dangers, obstacles and trappings that are waiting to kill you. You pick up the usual power-ups, collectables and other tidbits that you would in such a genre, only this time you can share those items with your friends thanks to the online gaming aspect.
“We are proud to be able to give fans of The Hunger Games films an opportunity to immerse themselves in the game,” said Reliance Games CEO Manish Agarwal. “The social features are a great way for the fans to connect with other fans worldwide.” You can checkout the official description of the game below on your platform of choice.
more info: AppStore, googleplay