Chris-Brown-is-just-a-scared-little-boy-insideLast we saw Chris Brown he was discharged from the rehab center that he voluntarily enrolled himself, he was forced out after he a rock through his mother’s car window after joint counseling session Nov. 10. Earlier today Brown faced a Los Angeles Judge, where the details of his rehab check-ins and check-outs were revealed. It was Superior Court Judge James Brandlin that eventually ordered Brown spend three months in a residential treatment facility, adding yet another stay in a rehab facility to Brown’s growing list.
Brown will serve three months in an undisclosed residential treatment facility, he will also have to submit to drug testing during his stay. Also added to the order, Brown will have to perform 24 hours of community labor per week.
This isn’t the end of Brown’s legal troubles, he was arrested last month on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington, D.C. where he still may face a probation violation for the incident. That won’t be cleared up until a December 16 hearing. Brown was already ordered to redo 1,000 hours of community labor this year, he was given that sentence when faced with a felony assault in his 2009 assault of his previous girlfriend Rihanna.