Xbox One Controller InsertIf you did not get a chance to pre-order an Xbox One, then this is your last chance. Amazon has announced that at 8am EST, “we will have units of the Xbox One available for pre-order on Wednesday, November 20.” You can checkout the link below to see if any units are still available at this time.
Since the Xbox One is set to launch on Friday, it is quite doubtful that you will get another chance before launch to secure a console, so we suggest refreshing faster than a new user on Reddit to get your Xbox One. Amazon did not clarify if this is for the ‘Launch Day’ bundle or the standard Xbox One Bundle, but you will know before you order it online which of the two are being offered. The link Amazon sent us was for the launch day bundle.
The standard bundle comes with the Xbox One Console, the Kinect Sensor for Xbox One, a Wireless Controller, a Chat Headset, an HDMI cable and a Power Supply. If you are looking to pick up any extra titles or controllers, we suggest securing your order first, then going back and picking up any extras in case of any difficulties in the ordering process online. You can checkout the official posting for the Xbox One Console and both Bundles that are available from Microsoft on the official website below.
The link below will take you to the official page listing that will open pre-orders at 8am EST on Wednesday.
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