Dumb-and-Dumber-2-Insert-LargeIt may take you a moment to recap your life, but ‘Dumb & Dumber’ came out a decade ago, with a younger Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels taking the lead roles and adding one-liners to our conversations. Now both Harry and Lloyd are set to make their triumphant return to the cinema. with Dumb and Dumber To now set to launch on November 14, 2014.
It was Universal Pictures that confirmed the news earlier this morning (Monday). Joining the duo will be Rob Riggle, with cameos like Jennifer Lawrence who are also set to grace the film. In this installment, the two buddies will take yet another road-trip, only this time to find Harry’s long-lost daughter. Other stars of the film include Rachel Melvin, Laurie Holden, Steven Tom and Kathleen Turner.
For the purists out there, Peter and Bobby Farrelly have also come back for sequel.