Grant-Gustin-InsertIt seems that the CW has larger projections than previously indicated for the upcoming ‘Flash’ series. At first the network was going to introduce The Flash in a three episode-arch on the popular CW series ‘ARROW’, now the network will give Flash its own pilot to kickoff the series.
The Flash was scheduled to appear on both episode 208 and 209 of “Arrow,” then it the character was set to return on episode 220, that episode would be the launchpad for the series. It was confirmed earlier this year that Grant Gustin, made popular by his role on FOX’s ‘Glee’ would be picking up the role of Barry Allen (The Flash).
Apparently the two episodes (208 and 209 which haven’t officially aired yet) tested so well that Barry Allen is going to pilot solo. This leaves the episode 220, which we explained earlier was part of the three-episode arch that would launch The Flash as a series, it’s unclear if ‘The Arrow’ will still air that episode with the Flash as part of the story, or if it will be re-written.

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