Acer-Chromebook-InsertNot everyone uses their laptops to render code, edit films or create in-depth graphic design pieces; some like to check email, shop online and browse social-media sites while they explore the vast treasures of the internet. For those people, the new Google Chromebook C720-2848, is almost too good to be true.
The new Chromebook from Acer is starting at $200, less than a designer bag or even a new gaming console. Last month we talked about the new Google Chromebook (C720-2848) and this model is almost the exact same (though cheaper).
It’s cheaper because the only thing that changed was the laptop went from 4GB of RAM down to 2GB of RAM. You could upgrade if you are concerned about the memory but Google Chromebooks were designed to run lean and for a very specific group of internet users. Everything runs on Google’s OS and powered by an Intel Celeron processor with a 16 GB Solid-State Drive boasts 8.5 hours of battery life. The device comes with an 11.6-inch (same as the previous, more expensive model) and all of the other tidbits remain intact, like having an HDMI input so you can work off screen or push to a TV.
You can spend $50 and get double the RAM if it concerns you, having the extra 2GB will make a distinct difference when you are browsing complicated sites, or if you work in multiple tabs, or are frequently keeping social-media sites open while you work. You can checkout all of the details, specs and prices on Amazon below.
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