Twitter has just announced a new custom timeline option that will soon be rolled out to all platforms. The feature will allow users to create custom timelines in TweetDeck. Twitter describes this function as, “a new type of timeline that you control by selecting the Tweets you want to include.”
Twitter has also detailed how Tweetdeck users will work with these custom timelines describing, “everything you need to know to create and share custom timelines.”
Here’s a quick overview according to Twitter:

  • create a new custom timeline column to get started
  • add Tweets from other columns by drag and drop or keyboard shortcuts
  • share a link to your custom timeline or embed it on your site
  • Creating new custom timelines
  • You can create a new custom timeline by adding a new column of type “Custom timeline”. To add a new column you can use the add icon “+” in the sidebar or the keyboard shortcut “A”.

Twitter also states that, “the ability to create custom timelines is rolling out over the next several days to TweetDeck for web, Chrome and PC, and will be coming soon to the Mac app.” There are also features that will allow you to create custom columns, embed these functions and other useful tips on the official blog post that launched earlier today.
more info: twitter