As you can imagine there are hundreds of thousands of people that would like to be in the new Star Wars film, and for good reason, the series has a history of launching film-careers. Since so many people are eager to get their foot in the door, Lucasfilm will allow online applications.
This works both for potential cast-members, and for Lucasfilm, who will probably get more auditions than any other film in history from the internet. These aren’t just for CATINA SERVER 1 roles either, this is for two of the lead roles in Star Wars: Episode VII. Auditions began in St. Louis, Missouri and Bristol in the UK earlier this week, but the response was just too massive. Instead of potentially turning the next Harrison Ford away at the gate, Lucasfilm is taking online submissions.
“The whole process was a complete and utter mess,” said Josh McGrillen. “They had no infrastructure to handle the hundreds of people who turned up.” The roles are for Rachel and Thomas and they are “open to all ethnicities” but will require actors 17-18 and 19-23 years old, respectively.
Source: castittalent