With only four days until the launch of the PS4, it’s full-steam ahead for Playstation fans as we countdown the final moment to launch day. Sony is gearing up the company’s advertising as well, adding a new unboxing video to the commercials and trailers that have already been released so far.
The video has all of the dramatic-effects that you would hope for in an unboxing video of this magnitude, including a soundtrack, dark lights interrupted with bright white spotlights, and a mysterious man doing the unboxing.
The video above will serve as Sony’s official unboxing video for the launch, there of course will be hundreds-of-thousands of videos just like it on Youtube when the console launches on November 15, 2013. Sony priced the PS4 at $399, and finding one online seems to be all but impossible. Many customers are just adding themselves to the list on popular websites like Amazon or BestBuy, or preparing to fight it out in-store. You can checkout all of the official details, bundles, launch-day games and promotions below.
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