When you think of Dead Rising 3 you may be hoping to mow-down a few hoards of zombies, or partner with your best friend as you craft the most devious of weaponry, but there’s also a story thrown in there as well. The latest trailer released for the game is heavy on the backstory but doesn’t disappoint in the zombie smashing either, so all of the bases are covered.
You will be racing against the clock in this scenario, our hero Nick has six days to escape the city of Los Perdidos, that’s when the bomb will explode. Oh the bomb you ask? That was set to rid the world of zombies before they get loose, it will turn everything to ash in a few hundred-mile radius so you have plenty of motivation to get moving.
The game is set to release on the Xbox One on launch day, but of course you can beat those suckers waiting in line by pre-ordering yours.
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