In the past Microsoft stated that the Xbox One was designed to be your first destination for all things entertainment, whether that be live-TV, music, movies or games. Today Microsoft gave viewers their closest look ever at the Xbox One dashboard, with a live demo showing off many of the consoles unique features and updates.
At the center of the video viewers will witness how seamlessly the Xbox One will integrate with other services, allowing players to quickly switch to other apps with simple voice commands. The demo is lead by Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox’s chief marketing and strategy officer, along with Marc Whitten, Xbox Live’s vice president who outline the services of the Xbox One in a lengthy 12-minute video recorded Nov. 1st.
The new dashboard takes a page from Windows 8, the new tile screen should seem familiar to anyone that upgraded to Windows 8 recently. Players will have the same ability to pin favorite apps or television shows, websites or photos to the home scree, just like they can on Windows 8.
Logging into your account your Xbox One will recognize your face, thanks to Kinect, and the system knows who’s holding the controller and who’s shouting commands. You can checkout the entire video above, the Kinect is set to launch in just days, November 22, and you can get more information on bundles and pricing from Amazon below.
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