Damon-Waynes-JR-InsertIf you’ve been following the third season of FOX’s ‘The New Girl’, and have grown attached to Damon Wayans Jr., then you will get to enjoy him a little longer. FOX has decided to continue Wayan’s role on the hit comedy throughout season 3.
As of right not his story will last only until the end of this season, where he is listed as “a special guest star”. Many fans know Wayans from his previous work on ‘Happy Endings’, though that show ended in early 2013. Wayans was the first choice for the role of Winston (at the time named Coach) a role that is now played by Lamorne Morris. Wayans even starred in the 2011 pilot for the show, but had to be replaced after ‘Happy Endings’ was renewed for season 2.
Everyone is picking up where they left off though, now Coach has come back and is moving in with Schmidt just like old times.