Elizabeth-Vargas-InsertElizabeth Vargas is the co-anchor of ABC’s popular ongoing segment 20/20. She has been absent from the show for sometime now without an explanation given from ABC, until earlier this evening when it was announced that she has entered treatment for alcohol dependency.
Speaking to PEOPLE Vargas stated, “Like so many people, I am dealing with addiction. I realized I was becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol. And feel fortunate to have recognized it for the problem it was becoming.” The 51 host continued explaining her addiction by saying, “I am in treatment and am so thankful for the love and support of my family, friends and colleagues at ABC News. Like so many others, I will deal with this challenge one day at a time. If coming forward today gives one other person the courage to seek help, I’m grateful.”
Vargas is married, to Marc Cohn, they have two young sons, Zachary (10), and Samuel (7).