Selena-Gomez-InsertFew can deny that Selena Gomez is having one terrific year. In just a few short months she has been gal-palling with Taylor Swift, melting hearts in “Spring Breakers” and breaking hearts with Justin Bieber; all while releasing a new album and turning 21.
Gomez is still riding high on her fourth album, Stars Dance, which of course debuted at #1 on release on the Billboard charts. Now the young pop-sensation is taking her show to the “X Factor”. Gomez will team up with Demi Lovato for a special live-show this Thursday on the popular reality competition. The series continues to put up a fight in the ratings, though set against Football and some of the best television on TV, Thursday nights have always been a battleground and the X Factor has had some lows lately.
The safe bet is that Gomez will help boost the ratings, and the Tweets, for the Nielsen ratings this Thursday however, you can catch her and the rest of the show in just two short days.