Shooting has already begun on HBO’s standout series ‘Game of Thrones’, and with shooting comes a few more confirmations. The character Styr will be played by the Russian actor Yuri Kolokolnikov. Although the actor has had many roles overseas, this will be his first major North American debut. EW was the first to break the news.
Fans of the series, and readers of the books, should know all about Styr from Thenn. He and his kind live beyond the wall, and they are both fierce and deadly. If you haven’t read the books then you should stop reading here, if you already have then we can catch up.
In the fourth season we should see the wild tribes prepare to invade Westeros under the banner of Mance Rayder (played by Ciarán Hinds). Meanwhile the injured Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) finally comes home to Castle Black to deliver news of the wildlings movements.