As the Xbox One launch draws ever closer, new gamers and old Xbox 360 users will be jumping into the next-generation of gaming. Xbox 360 users already know of all the great services that Xbox Live Gold offers, and that same credit and service will continue with the Xbox One.
As Call of Duty Ghosts is set to launch in just two days (November 6th) more Xbox 360 players will be filling up their memberships so they can play online with their friends. If you are looking to gift the service, or need a refill for yourself, then you should checkout Best Buy. The company is offering a $20 credit for Xbox Live memberships, and not just to Best Buy, this credit is for Xbox Live itself. This will allow you to pick up the DLC or new indie-title that you have had your eye on for a while now, all with a regular purchase of something that you probably will need anyway.
Best Buy states that the “Codes are usually sent via e-mail within 30 minutes. In some cases it could take up to 8 hours.” You can checkout the official details and pricing below on Best Buy’s official product page. The promotion is for the 12 month subscription.
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