A touching moment on the Simpsons as Bart says goodbye to Mrs. Krabapple

It was a simple message, one that took place during one of the longest running bits on one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time, Bart said goodbye to his teacher of over twenty-years, Mrs. Krabapple. It was last week that we learned that the voice of Mrs. Krabapple, Marcia Wallace, past way. Instead of his usual quick joke about pop-culture repeated as a punishment every week, Bart simply wrote, “We’ll miss you Mrs. K”.
It was one of the best tributes that a Simpsons character could perform for a missing friend. The episode aired yesterday (Sunday) on FOX. Also shown was the 1992 episode called ‘Bart the Lover,’ a very special episode featuring Maria Wallace, and one that she herself won an Emmy for her work.
Maria Wallace was 70 when she passed away from Breast Cancer, she was also known for amazing work on “The Bob Newhart Show”.

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