Katy Perry InsertNo one man can rule Twitter forever, but a new woman will try; pop-sensation Katy Perry has officially taken the Twitter throne with over 46.4 million followers on the social-networking site. Though this may change at any moment, late Sunday night Perry was the new Queen.
Bieber had stolen the title from Lady Gaga, though he couldn’t make a full-year as Twitter’s golden choice among the millions of accounts around the world. Both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry released albums within a week of each other this year, both albums were well received by fans and both contributed to a surge of new followers for both performers.
Though all three performers may not share the same fans, it’s no surprise they share the same profession. Musicians are easily some of the most popular accounts on Twitter, though throughout the history of pop-culture and music, fans have usually expressed a deeper connection to musicians than other celebrity performers, like Actors or professional sports players. Not to be outdone, President Barack Obama is just about a million behind third-place, a noble position for an elected official on Twitter’s charts.