Call of Duty titles have a history of being the most popular, most sold title from the video-game calendar year; so you can expect a few popular actors to be chosen for the marketing blitz before release. This year you can count on Megan Fox and James Mangold to get fans revved-up for the new release of the latest installment in the series ‘Call of Duty Ghosts’.
Activision knows how to market a game launch, the company has one of the largest budgets available, bolstered by the dozens of product tie-ins that surround the game’s launch (everything from soda to beef-jerky). The latest live-action trailer to hit the internet and television sets of Americans, trade previous recruits like like Robert Downey Jr. and Jonah Hill for the actor that starred in “The Wolverines” James Mangold and the ever popular Megan Fox. The song featured in the video is from Frank Sinatra calledo “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die.”
Football fans will be the first to see it air, it hits on the Saturday night event featuring the Miami vs. Florida Statue Universal college football game on ABC. It will also air late tonight (Saturday) on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”
So why Megan Fox? Well she is pretty popular with younger lads and ladies, but mostly Activision is promoting the idea that this Call of Duty title allows players to play as a female soldier in the game’s extremely popular multiplayer mode.
The game comes in a few terrific editions, each one filled with extra DLC and the larger packs contain physical items to collect as well. You can check out all the editions, the free DLC and the prices below.
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