In my early childhood days we would decorate our trapper-keepers, then our school notebooks, then doodle on notepads to make them as personal as possible; while also displaying our creative talents. Nowadays notebooks are going by the wayside as children and teens move to mobile devices to take notes and doodle.
Paper-Nomad-Alt-1Covers for iPhones and iPads are a multi-multimillion dollar business, each company trying to create unique and inspiring covers to help teens and children express themselves while protecting their devices. Almost everyone has the same type of tablet or phone nowadays, an iPhone or iPad, a Google Nexus or a Kindle HDX, but at least the right cover can add some unique style to your choices.
I found Papernomad through a referral from a friend of mine, we were at lunch and after failing to remember an actor’s name from a movie we saw in our childhood, she took out her tablet to look up the name on IMDB. She had a Papernomad case, that she customized with a full ink & pen rendition of a popular Doctor Who scene. (I would post a picture here in the article but unfortunately she had a lot of her personal information within the drawing, on the cover, in the event she ever lost it, and I don’t think it would be right to post that on the Internet). I did immediately love the cover, and asked where she found it and where I could buy one.
After hitting up the site I saw even more examples from others that have detailed their own Papernomad covers, some of which I have placed in this article. Being an editor for The Slanted I get offered a lot of covers to write about or review, and I’ve seen hundreds more just by browsing sites and shopping on my own time. The idea of the blank device cover just really struck a chord with me; I liked that I could leave it blank or have one of my graphic arts friends customize it for me, or just to have the opportunity to myself.
Our mobile devices are so expensive that we really just have to buy a cover, it’s not something out of vanity or anything like that, it has just becoming mandatory. Since we all have to buy covers, I’m always on the lookout for new ones to share with readers, and I really think this is one of the best new ideas that I’ve seen in a long time.
Papernomad-Alt-2There are numerous other benefits for buying Papernomad as well, not only are the covers good for your mobile device and for your creative freedom, there also extremely good for the environment. The outermost layer is created with paper pulp and a corn-derived bio-plastic, while the first layer of backing is made from a combination of polylactic acid (made from corn starch, tapioca root and sugar cane) that the designers state has less impact on the environment than cotton. That’s a pretty terrific claim to be able to make and when you think of all the synthetic cases that are being made each day, it’s nice to think someone is moving in the right direction. The inner-sleeve is made up of non-static, non-scratch felt instead of petro-intense synthetic fleece, so your phone stays safe, and so does the environment.
Although the name does contain the word ‘paper’ don’t be fooled, the specially created materials are tear-resistant and water resistant; meaning that if you splash your coffee on your cover, it will dry and be ready for your next spill.
I know there are tens of thousands of people that are looking for device covers each day and the market is completely saturated, but I really feel that this offers something unique and it’s a huge bonus that the covers are good for the environment, while still being fun and offering the chance to express your own personal style. On a personal note the examples that I have included in this article are far better than anything that I ever created on my trapper-keeper.
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