Jessica-Chobot-InsertNerdist Industries has confirmed the company’s same-day news show, the aptly named Nerdist News, to premiere November 4th on the Nerdist Channel. The program will be hosted by Jessica Chobot with a recurring cast of contributors, Nerdist News will initially air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with plans to expand to a 5-day a week format. Each episode will provide insight and commentary into the stories nerds are talking about most, and a few they might not know about yet. Whether it’s fanboy film/TV news, the latest video game releases, tech reviews or science, the show will cover the top stories of the day in the unique voice Nerdist is known for.
“I am uber-excited to be a part of the Nerdist team! Nerdist News is incredibly fun and I think our viewers will not only enjoy the content we cover but the hilarious sketches and personality we’re bringing to the show,” said Chobot.
“I adore Chobot. We worked together for years at G4,” said Chris Hardwick, founder and CEO of Nerdist Industries. “She is not only an excellent host who happens to be hilarious, but when it comes to gaming and the pop culture sphere Nerdist inhabits, she is the REAL DEAL. Ever since we started the channel, I’ve wanted to expand into daily news and Jessica is the PERFECT human to take us in this new direction.”
Nerdist News is a big step forward for the Nerdist Channel, a premium YouTube channel that streams original and partner content touching all facets of popular and genre culture, from comedy and cosplay to gaming and comic books. Shooting in the mornings and airing in the afternoon, the bite-sized, 3-5 minute episodes will feature original content, comedy sketches, reviews and more.
The programs will also include calls to action for extended scenes and more content on the website, YouTube channel, or podcast. Filmed at the Nerdist studios in Burbank, CA, the show will be produced by Chobot, director Andrew Bowser and Michael Shaw, former producer on G4’s “Attack of the Show.”
Nerdist News will air on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays beginning November 4.