Just as we reported yesterday Aliens will take the place of traditional zombies in the next Call of Duty game. The new installment is a week away and Treyarch released a new video to show off the gameplay mode to get fans excited for the launch.
Activision has confirmed the new Extinction Gameplay mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the developers at Infinity Ward have released a new trailer to show off the gameplay. In this scenario you will have to pick one of four players and defend yourself against wave after wave of alien troops and beasts. The publisher calls the gameplay a, “Unique blend of fast-paced survival action, FPS base defense, scavenging and class leveling.” We call it something like Horde Mode.
Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to launch on November 5 for the current generation of consoles and PC, it will launch with the PS4 and the Xbox One when those consoles release later in November. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, time is running out, you don’t want to miss out on all the free DLC and goodies that you get with each collection. You can checkout pricing, collector’s editions and free DLC on the game’s official product page on Amazon below.
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