PS4-Hardware-InsertEveryone knows that Sony took full advantage of Microsoft’s decision to initially prevent Xbox One users from exchanging used-games. During the firestorm that erupted soon after Microsoft’s announcement, Sony promoted their game-sharing plans. Now that Microsoft has backtracked on their initial idea, and removed many of the restrictions it once had on used-games, Sony is reiterating the point once again.
Sharing physical copies is not problem on the PS4, it never was and it doesn’t look like that standard will change on the PS4 or Xbox One anytime soon. Digital games are still relatively new to the consoles, and restrictions are still in place to prevent large-scale sharing online.
Sony released a FAQ guide for this concern, and although it has changed from the PS3, it isn’t that restrictive. First gamers will register one PS4 as their “primary system”, this will be your PS4 sitting at home. On that PS4 anyone, on any PSN account, can play the games that you purchase. You can also delete, and re-download digital copies of your games like you could on the PS4 (assuming you have a PSN account of course). The change is that only the primary user, the one that bought the game, can start that game.
Now according to Sony, “you can use up to 2 systems concurrently: the system activated as your ‘primary’ PS4 system, and one other system.” PSN+ will have exclusive features for users that designate their primary console, like allowing anyone that uses that system to use the PSN+ subscription to use online multiplayer (even if you aren’t under the PSN+ subscribers account). That is new, so if an older brother or parent has PSN+, a child or little brother could play online with it, even under their name.
All of this is just for digital games, physical games don’t have any restrictions on the PS4. Obviously it’s to stop friends from letting friends download games for free on shared accounts, which you should expect any content management system, developer or publisher to do in the digital age.
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