Microsoft isn’t one to shy away from marketing, the company is revving-up it’s marketing campaigns for the holidays; starting with a new push for the upcoming Xbox One Console. This marks the start of the Xbox One global ad campaign which began today (Friday). In the trailer you will see giant robots, prepare for epic battles and see a cameo from Mr. Spock himself (Zachary Quinto).
Also in the trailer is Soccer player Steven Gerrard and a zombie for good-measure. One of Microsoft’s goals is to promote the Xbox One as gaming machine but also as a central entertainment hub for the living room. The first Xbox One add was centered towards the NFL and how Microsoft was going to incorporate live TV and fantasy football into the Xbox One Console. Now we are starting to see Microsoft branch out, both as a traditional video-game centric ad, but also still incorporating sports, movies, television and casual game as the company prepares for the holiday season.
Getting an Xbox one console is proving to be quite the challenge. Almost all online sources are still taking preorders for the Xbox console but they’re not guaranteeing first day delivery. If you live anywhere near a metropolitan area picking up a console in-store will probably be just as hard come Black Friday. Most gamers are taking the safe route by pre-ordering a console online and joining the wait list for the post holiday shipping rush. Ordering from large retailers like or is your safest bet, they are taking preorders and promise to fill each one as units arrive. This could mean that you will be delivering a card instead of spots one consul come Christmas morning it will be the fastest way to acquire one if units are still sold out.
The Xbox one comes in multiple editions each one adding a new game to the bundle. You can check out all the bundles, pricing and other information about the Xbox one console on the products’ official page below.
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