Mac gamers may be in the minority, but their hunger for all things game-related and functional is just as present as their PC counterparts. That’s why we think they will be very happy to learn that the new PlayStation 4 controllers will be compatible on Mac operating systems. A new Vine video is being shared across the internet from the Vine user Chris Gallizzi (shown below).
It’s a Vine video so yes it’s short, but also gets right to the point. The video has the DualShock 4 being used in the very popular Hotline Miami title running a Mac. Sony had already confirmed that the new PS4 controllers were compatible with Windows PC games, we still are waiting on word from Sony about releasing the details for the touchpad options of the controller though.

Players even have a few options with the new DualShock, it will come in Jet Black, Magma Red, and Wave Blue all at $59.99 and are also on sale individually. The PlayStation 4 will release on November 15 in North America.
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