Vine is everywhere, and it’s already used by millions of users each day. The app is basic in nature, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from improving it steadily with updates. The latest update will allow users to edit their videos, it’s much more dynamic than before, but still fits in the simplistic nature of the app itself.
With Time Travel users can remove, reorganize or replace any shot within a post before you share it. Tap the green bar from the camera while you’re shooting, or tap ‘Edit’ when you’re previewing a post. The second feature is Sessions. In sessions the developers state that users can, “Save any post and come back to it later –– work on up to ten posts at once. Simply tap the new icon in the bottom right corner of your camera to save a new session or open an existing one.” It’s a welcomed feature, and users should have a lot more creative control when it comes to making their videos. This update is for both the iOS and Android versions of the app so no one has to sit around waiting.