There is no shortage of photo-editing apps on the Mac App Store, though few are as lightweight and fully-functional as Intensify and Intensify Pro. The new software was just released by MacPhun and was designed specifically for Mac users.
We’ve had a chance to use the software for the last week, and it’s easily one of the top picks in it’s category. The software will run on OS X 10.7 (Lion) and offers a terrific array of features and easy to use settings that can even work with some of your more complicated photo-editing software.
Pro Contrast and Micro-sharpness are two terrific examples of the powerful features that users can implement with just a click of the mouse, and the scroll of a slider. The software works best when you are looking for a program that really takes the guess-work out of editing. The automated settings are quite brilliant, and more often than not, actually offer the best choice when editing a certain photo. Many of the settings offer a one-click access feature, meaning you spend less time fine-tuning (or guessing depending on your knowledge of editing software) and more time enjoying your photos and sharing them online.
If you are more advanced then you can easily dig-deeper into the settings, each of the choices offer a list of adjustments that you can make manually if you choose to do so, and each are easy to use. The clean, simple to master UI makes editing a breeze, while keeping your photos front and center in the operation. The app also offers quick one-click settings to social networks, which means you can spend less time switching windows, logging-in and uploading content.
The whole UI is simple and intuitive, and anyone can enjoy the program regardless of their photo-editing experience. There are two version of the software, Intensify for $39.99 and the Pro version for $59.99 (e tested out the PRO version this week). It should be noted that the Pro version comes with some pretty terrific features, like plugins for Adobe products like Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom for example. You of course don’t have to use these plugins to run the app, but if you do have a few versions of that software, you probably know how terrific it is when you have plugins that let you work seamlessly with other Apps. Also, because of the plugins, you can’t buy the pro-version on the Mac App Store, that violates the TOS on the store that protects third-parties from taking advantage of the plug-in system. You can buy the pro-version from the official website though, and we found that it was well worth the extra money to go pro right out of the gate.
more info: Intensify – MacPhun LLC