Klyme-Weather-App-InsertAppaDeus is gearing up to launch Klyme, a new user-based iOS weather app with some very interesting features, the company hopes to “make the process of checking the weather as simple and entertaining as possible,” and the new UI has us intrigued. The app offers clothing tips, weather animations and a social timeline. No “mumbo jumbo,” as the developers put it, and absolutely “no need for an Oxford degree in astrophysics; it’s for everyone.”
Klyme provides its users with insider information whenever they want, wherever they are. Be it Hawaii or Cambodia, a hailstorm or a heat wave, Klyme will be there first. Apart from the main view, they’ll also find Klyme has calculated their comfort level, offered clothing tips and gathered activity suggestions with emoticons, changing color hues and weather animations in their local area on Klyme’s very own sentiment map.
Creating a rich community was one of the founders’ main goals, compiling relevant updates rather than running a stats chart. Klyme offers users a personal timeline, where users can interact, like and share each others’ content, write updates and share their own pictures and videos with friends. Klyme is also linked to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Other great features include image filters that instantly give a weather touch to the users’ spaghetti-free pictures. No maths, just words.
Sherif Kozman, founder and CEO of AppaDeus LLC, said: “We are building Klyme to enable people to make the best of their day, be it simple tasks as taking the kids to school to activities with friends and family. Klyme makes things easier, because this time it’s all designed for humans. Not only so they can understand the weather, but beat it too.”