Once fans here in the United States heard that their British counterparts were getting a chance to watch the ‘Day of the Doctor’ special 25th Anniversary in theaters, they wanted to know if it was coming here as well; there is good news.
The BBC has confirmed that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special ”Day of the Doctor” would be shown in U.S. movie theaters. That means you have to scout out the Nov. 23 showing of, “Day of the Doctor” at your local 3D movie theater. In fact, there will be a screening in eight countries total. You can use the website below to find a theater in your area (assuming there is one) and if not you can still get together with your friends and watch it on your own big-screen.
The website promises to add more locations to the map over the coming weeks, so you want to check back as often as you can. Yes the idea of 3D David Tennant and Matt Smith might be a dream come true for almost everyone (myself included).
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