UPDATE: All invite codes have been redeemed. Thanks for participating!
One of the best things about Google Now is the fact that it will often cater to your informational needs with minimal user input. Based on a variety of presets and location data, Google Now will automatically present pertinent information throughout the day.
With Aviate Launcher, you’re getting that ability baked into a homescreen replacement for your Android phone. The goal of Aviate is to “both simplify your phone, and make it more contextually proactive to deliver the information and apps you need, when you need it.”
With Aviate, your homescreen will dynamically change between settings like Home, Work, Going Somewhere, Morning Routine, Nighttime, etc. based off of time of day and location. A simple swipe down on the homescreen will give you access to widgets and apps related to the current setting you have. For instance, if your phone is on the Work setting, pulling down will reveal the calendar widget, Google Keep, and a variety of work related apps (like e-mail, Dropbox, etc).
A swipe to the left will reveal your Collections, a screen of your apps organized into popular categories like Entertainment, Shopping, Sports, etc. This is customizable, as you can add and remove full Collections and apps as you see fit. Another swipe to the left reveals the app drawer, which should look familiar to anyone who’s used a smartphone.

As the launcher is still currently in beta, there are of course some bugs and glitches, but during my time with Aviate, I have yet to experiencing anything too crippling other than a few force closes and a tiny bit of freezing. Otherwise Aviate runs about as smoothly as one could hope.
Features of Aviate include:
Simple organization of your apps
– Aviate automatically groups your apps into collections for easy organization
– The A-Z screen provides quick alphabetical organization of all your apps
screen-finalContextual “Spaces” that proactively surface the apps and information you need, when you need it
– Aviate takes cues from location, time of day, etc and adapts the apps and information on your home screen to what you use most in each context
– Spaces like work, restaurant, on the go, etc automatically recognize activities and bring your favorite apps and the information you need to your fingertips
– Aviate learns your morning routine, work, home, etc app needs, and adjusts your home screen accordingly based on that context
New app discovery and recommendations based on your favorites
– Aviate takes your collections and the apps you use most, and makes recommendations for new apps you’ll love.
Beautiful, intuitive design
– The contextual awareness and app discovery wouldn’t matter if Aviate itself wasn’t simple and intuitive to use.
– You’ll want to experience this yourself :)