PS4-Hardware-InsertPS3 players wanted party-chat almost form the very first day, it was one of the most requested features for the device, up there with the in-game XMB (remember that fiasco?). Sony listened, and although Sony couldn’t incorporate party chat into the PS3, they will be adding it to the PS4. During a Q&A on the new Killzone game over on the Playstation Blog, it was confirmed that the PS4 will have support up to eight players at a time on Party chat.
The news was confirmed by the PlayStation social media manager, and the feature is roughly the exact same as the PS Vita version. We already reported that the PS4 will have free Party Chat included on the PS4 and you won’t need the official PSN+ membership to use it. So now you can take 8 of your possible 2,000 PSN friends and start up a game or two and chat it up like never before.
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