BarZapp-InsertFor every useful and intelligent app, there are a thousand that are designed just to waste time or your money. That’s why it can be somewhat exciting to read about apps that actually provide a useful purpose in our real-world.
The developers call Aptly, “a truly practical and effective app designed to ferret out counterfeit and expired driver’s licenses, military IDs and many other identification cards offered up by some underage person or identity thief.” The new application is a an ID verification system for downloading onto mobile and handheld devices. It’s the brainchild of the mobile security experts at Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. of Port Townsend, Washington, headed by CEO Nelson Ludlow, Ph.D. This app “protects underage adults from themselves by preventing them from being able to buy alcohol or enter into an age-restricted establishment, and therefore, makes it more difficult for them to engage in further illegal activities with potentially life-threatening consequences, such as drunk driving,” Ludlow affirms.
Using the app is easy: after downloading barZapp, which costs only $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, aim the smartphone at the barcode on the back of the ID card; It will immediately read and verify the ID and display the results, which include: underage, expired, etc. With Intellicheck Mobilisa’s patented “ID Check” software, the authenticity of an ID is determined by reading and verifying the format of the information encoded in the barcodes and magnetic stripes on driver’s licenses, as well as all other state, provincial, military and government ID cards.
“With barZapp, the nightclub owner, bouncer, bartender, wait staff and casino staff—along with merchants at retail stores, banks, etc.—can alleviate their worries of being fooled by fake ID cards, and can help protect themselves from associated fines and penalties.”
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