Beyond-Two-Souls-POster-InsertThere is a new app called ‘Beyond Touch’ that is available for both iOS and Android devices that will allow players to experience Beyond: Two Souls using either a smartphone or tablet, and allow them to drop the DualShock controller.
According to Sony, “You can play the entire game, in Solo mode or in Duo Mode, and control both characters using a simplified gameplay interface, specially designed for touch screen devices. In Duo Mode, each player can independently select his controller. All combinations are possible; two DualShock controllers, one DualShock and one touch screen device, or even two touch screen devices.”
It’s quite an upgrade, and should fit rather well with the game’s design. As for Developer Quantic Dream, Sony states that they designed the app, “to make Beyond: Two Souls accessible to non-console gamers who don’t feel comfortable using a DualShock controller. So for those of you who played Heavy Rain while your non-console gaming friends shouted out directions, now they can take part for themselves.”