Movie theaters usually see a dramatic increase in ticket-sales following new technology additions to their theaters. Digital screens and 3D technology are basically commonplace at this point, but the next phase of movie-watching technology could ditch the flatscreen as we know it.
That’s the idea behind the new 270 degree screens. Home-theaters are taking a big bite out of theater’s bottom-line, and if they want to stay lucrative, they need to offer something that you can’t get at home. It’s safe to say that IMAX theaters are the frontrunners when it comes to filling seats at the theaters and getting people off the couch. It’s not exactly easy to recreate the IMAX experience at home, regardless of what blu-ray/surround system you may be boasting.
The problem in the end is cost, ticket prices saw a large increase when 3D came out, and a 270 degree theater would need a special edition of the film to work properly. So don’t expect this to become commonplace anytime this holiday season.
That being said it’s worth exploring, the South Korean cinema chain that developed the screen hopes to completely immerse you into the film. This could add some new techniques on how we shoot films, scare audiences, or play with the framing in our favorite comedies, or soar with our favorite superheroes.