If you’ve been following ‘Parks and Recreation’ for a few years, then you probably already know that the show was only one of a few comedies that NBC brought back last year. The series has quite a following, but a recent update to NBC’s lineup shows that the series may not be doing as well as the network first hoped.
Late last week NBC confirmed that Ironside and Welcome to the Family has been canceled. Not announced was the fact that Parks and Recreation was put on hiatus. There was a new episode that was scheduled to run this week, that has now been replaced with a repeat of The Voice. Next week, any fans that tune-in will see an SNL Halloween clip show followed by another live episode of the Voice on November 7.
The show isn’t cancelled, for now it is scheduled to return on November 14 for a two-episode stint, then again on November 21. That’s all the Parks and Recreation you will get until at least 2014. So what’s taking the top time-slot? You will have some football, the live broadcast of The Sound of Music, and episodes of The Sing-Off.
In the new year you will have Community on January 2. The earliest Parks and Rec can even be shown (without a major schedule change) is January 9.