DDoS attacks are a very real, very serious problem on the internet. While it’s true that sometimes rogue parties have used this system to bring hateful, or derogatory websites down; too often it is used to shut-down independent publishers and websites that simply voice an opposing opinion online.
This happens even more frequently with news sites, or political website. Google has a massive, global-system in place to protect itself against these attacks; on a scale that boggles the mind. Google is now preparing to use those resources as a ‘shield’ to protect independent news and political sites from DDoS attacks. In a statement on the official signup page Google outlined the purpose of this initiative. “Project Shield is an initiative to use Google’s infrastructure to protect free expression online. The service currently combines Google’s DDoS mitigation technologies and Page Speed Service (PSS), which allow websites to serve their content through Google to be better protected from DDoS attacks.”
For websites that are interested in the service, it is currently invite-only, but Google is sending out invites to “trusted testers”. These are “organizations with sites serving media, elections and human rights related content.”
more info: google