Batman vs Superman video shows the first look at sequel, on the field

As many football fans sat watching the NFL, others were watching the fierce battle between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University. These two fictional teams are going against each other on the field at Los Angeles College as part of the production “Batman vs. Superman.”
This project is led by The Zack Synder, and the game took place Saturday and at home was Gotham, and everyone got grab from free swag for attending in the form of yellow and black T-shirts and hoodies.
The video is only four-minutes but hey it is the new Superman movie we are talking about here, so get excited. The video uploader got to cheer on Gotham City for two plays. A fight soon erupts on the field after Metropolis scores. You won’t see Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck but it’s nice to know that production on “Batman vs. Superman” (not the official title) has started. “Batman vs. Superman” is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015.