Drake-InsertSomething went wrong at the expected concert for popular rapper ‘Drake’ earlier this evening in Philadelphia, though an exact reason wasn’t given to the fans. After fans had to wait an additional three-weeks because of a delayed tour, ticket holders then gathered in the Wells Fargo Center only to learn that Drake wasn’t coming.
The first leg began last night in Pittsburgh, Pa., scheduled this evening (Saturday) was a stop in Philadelphia, that event has now been canceled.
With less than an hour before the concert was set to begin, the announcement came that Drake was canceling the night’s expected concert. InFlexWeTrust is reporting that the cancellation was the fault of the production team. If initial reports are correct, that team failed to get the stage finished and inspected before the allotted timeframe, this caused an ‘unsafe’ working condition for the artist, who then had to cancel to tourstop.
As of right now the only official news is that the concert will not be taking place tonight, a refund or rain check is expected to be offered to fans that bought tickets.