“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is almost here, in just about a month the highly anticipated sequel will be in theaters worldwide. As we wait for ‘Quarter Quell’ to begin we can take these last few weeks to look back at the famed districts that will be fighting this year.
When we last left Katniss Everdeen, she was one of two famed survivors of the Hunger Games, and she is quickly becoming a symbol of hope for those in the Districts of Panem. Soon to be the symbol of the rebellion against the Capitol, those in charge will stop at nothing to quiet the upstart and her team. In this next movie the Capitol calls for a “Quarter Quell”. This event brings the victors from previous Hunger Games together to battle as entertainment for the nation.
An infographic from AMC takes an in-depth look into each of the 12 Districts of Panem, the victors that will be involved in the Quarter Quell and some information about them you may not have known. Just another step in our ‘Countdown to Hunger Games!’.
The Anatomy of Panem - Hunger Games: Catching Fire [Infographic]

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