Brintey-Spears-InsertAfter a few weeks of teasing the new name of her album, pop-queen Britney Spears has confirmed that the new album will be named ‘Britney Jean’. The title is a personal nickname for Spears as well, the performer revealed the album’s name and background earlier today (Tuesday) the title comes from her upbringing in Louisiana, where her family members all call her by her first and middle names.
Spears told London radio station Capital FM during an interview, “They always call me Britney Jean. It’s like a term of endearment. I just wanted to share that with my fans.” At only 31 years old, Britney Jean will be Spears’s eighth studio album, and the second album to get a ‘Britney’ name (2001 saw the album Britney).
Not only is Spears releasing an album in December, she will also be starting her two-,ear residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Spears spoke about her two sons Sean, 8, and Jayden, 7 and why staying in Vegas will be a nice change. “I’ve toured the world so many times and have been in different hotels every night. It’s going to be nice just to have one place to be at for me and my children and my family. A tour based in one place just seems ideal.”
Spears went on to talk about her favorite Vegas moments, “I’m not much of a gambler,” she admits. “I love the spas. I love the oxygen facials, and I like getting pampered. And the food is amazing! The food’s crazy. I always gain, like, 10 pounds when I go.”