Tonight was a special night for Sony, the company chose Monday Night Football to premiere the first Playstation 4 commercial, and then quickly released it online for everyone else. There were a few promotional ads from Taco Bell that debuted in early October, but this was the first Sony-branded PS4 commercial for television.
We added the above so you can catch up, this marks the first of a dozen or so ad spots that Sony will be unveiling over the next few weeks, as the company prepares to launch their most powerful console to-date.
Getting a launch day PS4 or Xbox One from Microsoft online is almost impossible, but you can pre-order the PS4 and Xbox One at sites like Amazon below. If you choose to pre-order the retail giant will have one shipped the moment it is available, not a bad fall-back plan for all of those wishlists out there. You can checkout more images, trailers and console options on Amazon’s official site below.
The PS4 launches in one-month, on November 15, 2013.
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